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About the Future of Home Inclusive Housing Solutions Lab

Skills Society, Inclusion Alberta, Civida (formerly Capital Region Housing), and Homeward Trust have partnered to explore affordable and inclusive housing for people with developmental disabilities. The creation of housing and support models that are affordable, accessible, and also support the social inclusion of people with developmental disabilities is complex work that requires the coordination and cooperation of multiple stakeholders and deeper insight into the perspectives and experiences of people with disabilities. This lab seeks to address the current gaps in housing for people with disabilities using a social innovation lab approach.

This project is funded by the the National Housing Strategy under NHS Solutions Lab, however, the views expressed are the views of the Future of Home Lab and Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) accepts no responsibility for them. 

Mini Documentary

Phase One Summary Report

Lab Tools & Reports 

Lab Brief – Shared Community Model

Lab Brief – Scattered Site Model

Criteria Cards


Prototype & Evaluation Workbook

Imagining Possibilities Canvases

Insights from Prototype Testing with Stakeholders

What Makes a House a Home – Strategic Learning Brief

Addressing Tensions in Building an Inclusive Home Life for People with Developmental Disabilities

A Portfolio of Possibilies – Strategic Learning Brief

Cover page of Roadmap Report

Roadmap Report – A Look at Where We Are At Present and Where We Are Headed

What We Are Learning: Design, Delivery, and Evaluation of the Future of Home Lab

Cover of the Primer Document

Primer Document

   Core Lab Teams

The Core Lab Team is the heart of the Future of Home Lab. This team of stellar leaders and doers are the driving force behind the development of two promising housing prototypes. 

Scattered Supportive Housing Team

Sam Juru, Coach

Iwona Fafarek, Designer

Christienne Linklater, Team Member

Janelle Knoop, Team Member

Jeff Ku, Team Member

Kristine Trinh, Team Member

Larry James, Team Member

Tara McCashin, Team Member

Shared Community Model Team

Paz Orellana-Fitzgerald, Coach

Melissa Bui, Designer

Elaine Mulder, Team Member

Kathryn Ramboo, Team Member

Lasha Robert, Team Member

Rhea Kachroo, Team Member

Shawna Francis, Team Member

   Phase 1 Prototypes

Through its Phase 1 work, Lab participants generated two prototype models that would lead to more inclusive apartment-style living for people with disabilities: (1) Community Connectors, and (2) The Commons.

Scattered Supportive Housing Team

– Community Connectors –


Shared Community Model Team

– The Commons –


   Learning Spotlight Videos

Safe Spaces 

Tara McCashin and Cynthia Dovell from AVID Architecture share five design considerations for prototyping safe, inclusive spaces with a focus on architectural design elements.

Shared Lives Model

Sue Manery, previous CEO of the Southern Alberta Community Living Association, shares the values and principles of a shared lives model. 

For information about the Future of Home Lab contact: | 780-496-9686