Happy Holidays To You & Yours


To: People we Support, Families, Guardians, Employees & Supporters of Skills Society

Happy Holidays To You & Yours

From: Skills Society Board and Senior Leadership 


December 3rd, 2020


Dear Skills Community,

There is no doubt this is a tough time for all citizens as we face an unprecedented global pandemic the human race has not seen for a hundred years. In particular, citizens with disabilities are vulnerable to increased social isolation. During this time of year and especially with so many being more isolated due to the pandemic, it is more important than ever to spread holiday cheer, kindness, generosity and the best of what makes us human. 

There are many ways we all can share in bringing light and good tidings to those near and far from us. It’s important not to underestimate the simple things we can do for others that make a big difference. Sharing kind words of encouragement can brighten a day, as can a smile for a passerby on a walk. Even if you are wearing a mask, it’s possible to see a smile on the faces of others. 

Connecting is also a gift from the heart. Reaching out over the phone, computer or in person to say thanks helps others know how important they are to us. Some of us decorate our homes, inside and out, with winter lights and cheer that lift the spirit. 

In our own community, we can provide needed foods to our Edmonton Food Bank to help those who need it most. On December 11th, our Day of Giving Event helps our Skills family come together to mobilize support for the food bank with all of us stepping up as engaged citizens. To learn more or RSVP contact info@skillssociety.ca or (780) 496-9686. Many other community organizations are also doing important work to build a better world and our support will help them continue to make Edmonton a better, more equitable city for all.  

However you decide to spread holiday cheer during these times, do so in your own way and remember how we’re all interconnected and need each other more than ever. Everyone is valuable. Everyone has important gifts to offer to their community and to the world. 

If You So Choose There Are Ways To Further Support Skills Society And Make A Difference

At Skills, we believe our community should be a place where every individual is a valued citizen deserving of respect, dignity and rights.

Every day, we work to help people with disabilities thrive – in doing so, we help them create meaningful lives and explore opportunities for learning, growth and inclusion. This means enjoying the same sense of belonging that we all enjoy.

Skills Society’s activities to bring our vision into reality are mostly funded through the Government of Alberta Community and Social Services Ministry. However, this funding is primarily for direct service delivery like daily 24/7 supports to people we serve in their homes. 

Funding for initiatives to further deepen belonging and connection amongst people we support has to come from different sources like businesses or people in the community. When you choose to support Skills Society, you join the effort to make lives better for people with disabilities.

Join the effort to 

  • to tackle isolation and marginalization
  • to support people as part of the community and not just be in the community.   
  • to change how society views people with disabilities – as valued, important contributors and leaders that make all our communities rich and diverse. 

These are lofty goals but achievable when you choose to join the efforts of our community to fund initiatives like the CommuniTEA Infusion project, The Future of Home Disability and Housing Lab to name a couple

Join the effort safely by making a contribution through our  Canada Helps Link for Skills Society.  Even the smallest effort can have an impact. All donations will receive a tax deduction receipt.

 We want to take this moment to send a heartfelt thank you for the greatest gifts of all –  your time, energy and participation in our Skills community.  We wish you all the warmest holiday greetings and best wishes for a New Year. 



Skills Society Board and Senior Leadership,


Hart Chapelle, Skills Society Board Chair              Ben Weinlick, Executive Director