Citizen Action Hall


Citizen explorers graduate from the Citizen Action Hall program at the U of A

Citizenship is at the heart of what we do

Citizen Action Hall

The Citizen Action Hall is a unique approach to exploring ideas and action that support engaged citizenship.

The Citizen Action Hall course is offered twice a year at the University of Alberta when individuals with disabilities, University of Alberta students, disability workers, and researchers gather together to explore the notion of citizenship. The exploration takes many forms. For example:

  • People with disabilities lecture on disability and citizenship issues; a radical approach in an academic setting that has opened dynamic dialogue around ethics, rights and community inclusion.
  • Students use cameras and their journals to explore the idea of ‘citizenship,’ bringing the views of the community back to class.
  • Project Citizenship stories are watched together, analyzed for themes and then reflected on how a story might inspire people to be active citizens.

Achievements to date

  • So far we have led 5 Citizen Action Hall courses on the University of Alberta Campus. We run the Action Hall each semester.
  • People with disabilities have developed plans to start micro enterprises like a dog walking business.
  • One Action Hall launched 5 Geocache boxes into the Edmonton community with curated stories and artifacts about citizenship and disability issues. These boxes are found and interacted with by the Edmonton community.



What The Citizen Action Hall Is About from project citizenship on Vimeo.

Project Objectives
  • Support citizens with disabilities, University of Alberta researchers, students, activists and Skills Society support workers as they deepen their understanding of engaged citizenship, community activism, rights, pride and disability issues.
  • Offer two Citizen Action Hall Courses annually at the University of Alberta each supporting 10 U of A students, 10 people with disabilities and 10 Skills Society Community Support Workers.
  • People with disabilities are active community members in volunteer organizations, they  start small businesses, increasing independence, sense of self worth and community engagement
  • People with disabilities are leaders of discussion, overturning negative stereotypes and providing a positive experience in the public realm
  • University students are proud to graduate from the course and take their new-found knowledge of people with disabilities into the community and their careers
How you can support this project

Through the Citizen Action Hall, our collective has changed its thinking about how we see ourselves  not just as citizens, but also as explorers of how ideas and action can foster engaged citizenship.

Your support for Citizen Action Halls funds:

  • Events that allow additional interactions between students, support workers and people with disabilities, thus expanding our knowledge and experience and allowing people with disabilities more opportunities to interact and participate in meaningful dialogue with the community
  • Media tools used in the course like cameras and iPads that help students and people with disabilities explore new thoughts and ideas amongst themselves and with the community.

For more information on how you can support the Citizen Action Halls please contact:

Rachel Lawrence Hohl, Skills Society Fund Development Manager

Skills Society Edmonton
203 Parkington Plaza
10408 – 124 Street
Edmonton, AB, Canada
T5N 1R5

Phone: (780) 496-9686
Fax: (780) 482-6395


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Thank you to our past sponsors

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Ben Weinlick

Senior Leader of Research and Social Innovation


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Project Citizenship Coordinator


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Senior Manager of Community Supports