We’re Looking for Graffiti in Edmonton

Skills Society will be participating in the City of Edmonton Graffiti Wipe Out Program this Spring & Summer and we need your help in finding graffiti.

If you come across buildings or other public spaces with graffiti, please make note of the address (may be approximate) and contact Rachel Lawrence- Hohl at 780-801-3227 or rachel@skillssociety.ca

The City of Edmonton Graffiti Wipe Out Program provides a fundraising opportunity for non-profit groups in Edmonton and it supports the efforts of Skills Society by;

  • Providing job skills and experience for citizens with disabilities
  • Creating community engagement opportunities for citizens supported by Skills Society
  • Raising money for Skills Society

Thank you for  supporting Skills Society participation in this program.

* The more graffiti we clean up, the more money raised for Skills Society

* City of Edmonton property is restricted from the program