Future of Home Lab featured by CMHC and the National Housing Strategy

We’re proud to have the Future of Home Lab, an initiative out of Skills Society Action Lab, featured by CMHC and the National Housing Strategy. In the feature story, self advocate Levi Lawton (pictured above) shares his experiences seeking housing that is accessible, affordable, and inclusive. The Future of Home: Inclusive Housing Solutions Lab was an 18 month social innovation exploration funded by CMHC and undertaken in partnership with Inclusion Alberta, Civida, and Homeward Trust. The lab brought together teams of people with disabilities, families, allies, architects, developers, PDD, and housing funders to collectively problem solve around getting more accessible, affordable, and inclusive housing for people labelled with developmental disabilities. The lab generated two promising prototypes, parts of which are continuing to be built out and tested today.

See more on the Future of Home Lab here.

See the full featured story by CMHC and National Housing Strategy here and a snapshot of the story below.


Snapshot from the feature story written by CMHC.
Snapshot of the story published by CMHC and the National Housing Strategy. The image shows Levi Lawton, self advocate who is featured in the story.