Stories from folks we serve


A Story of Tyler and his Heavy Metal Experiences in Community

Citizenship is at the heart of what we do

Jason’s story: Captain Community

Inspired by Jason’s true Heroic story of being a great neighbour and active citizen.

Many thanks to SOS kids magazine for donating the illustrator of the comic book. Thanks to Yvette Prefontaine for voice overs. U of A CSL, Steven Cresswell for editing, voice overs and producing, SKILLS Society, and Mandy Halabi of Youcan Society for connecting us with SOS magazine.

Creative Housing Collaboration with Melcor

Check out the video about a creative housing collaboration we have been part of stewarding.

New Video about a cool Citizen we support

This is Ryan! Ryan is a regular at his local bar’s karaoke nights. He loves music, and is using his love of music to connect with his community.

Tyler’s Story – Metal, Mosh Pits, and Magic

This is Tyler! Tyler had Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia (and some other conditions) which affects his muscles, and makes it hard for him to move and speak. He likes metal, violent video games, and pro wrestling, which he goes to every month. He knows the wrestlers, and has a running feud with one of the refs. Tyler has fought through a difficult childhood to have a great life. Check it out!

CommuniTEA Infusion: Dignity and Drinks in One Funky Van

Communitea’s mobile cafe brings together a wide array of patrons and workers, as neighbours share experiences and understanding over some delicious drinks.