Karen interviewing people about the power of Community Gardens for bringing diverse citizens together to work towards a common goal.

Citizenship is at the heart of what we do

Everyone has the right to be included.

Skills Society’s innovative projects actively advocate for the inclusion of people with disabilities within community.

Through our independent projects and those with our community partners, Skills Society aims to test new ideas and challenge old assumptions — pioneering better ways to value and include people with disabilities within community and contribute to the growing body of knowledge around Social Innovation Research and Development within Canada.

Collective Impact, Design Thinking to tackle a complex community challenge

SDX is an Edmonton-based community of practice that convenes individuals interested in learning about Systemic Design as a methodology for addressing complex, real world issues.

Skills Society, Lift Interactive and Southern Alberta Community Living Association are building a human services app that humanizes the planning experience.

The Action Lab experience promotes creative problem solving, offers tools to help tap into collective wisdom and helps people prototype solutions to challenges they are working on.

Overturning negative stereotypes about disability through the power of story

A think tank for developing innovative connections

A twice-yearly gathering to support engaged citizenship

Bringing tea and belonging to the community

Sharing stories and art about pride, play, and freedom

Stewardship and person-power for perennial community growth

A social innovation lab exploring promising housing solutions with and for people with disabilities that intentionally optimize affordability, accessibility, and inclusion