Skills Survey – Your Thoughts on Helping People Stay Connected and Safe During COVID-19

Memo to: People We Support, Families, and Guardians

Re: Survey – Your Thoughts on Helping People Stay Connected and Safe During COVID-19

From: Senior Leadership of Skills Society

October 6, 2020 

One of our core values is practicing in person-centered ways. This means doing our best to  never forget to keep the voices of those we serve at the centre of our planning and practices.

We are looking for creative ways to support the people we serve in feeling connected to one another during this time and would love suggestions from the people we support, families, and guardians! The people we support, families and guardians are invited to share their ideas through this anonymous survey by clicking here. The survey will take approximately 5-10 minutes. Responses will be accepted until midnight on October 20th. Physical copies of the survey will also be sent to the people we support’s homes. 

Alternatively, people we support are invited to participate in an online Zoom conversation to share their ideas and highlight moments of connectedness and belonging over the past 6 months. Please see the poster below for more information. There will be a limit on the number of participants for the online Zoom focus group. We’re hoping to get a diverse gathering together of people to explore together for 1 hour.  

After these ideas are themed, a committee will be looking at what is possible to implement. In trying out new ideas that emerge, we will have to consider available resources, safety during the pandemic and what might have the greatest impact for the people we support. 

As per usual, individual activities and goals are planned on an on-going basis through MyCompass and this will of course continue. 

We appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts and suggestions with us! 


Senior Leadership of Skills Society