Someone we support is an actor in a new film

Figurine 3 - DavidWe are excited for Dave Bilodeau being in another one of Hans Olson’s films. Hans Olson worked with Skills Society years ago and has kept in touch with Dave since that time. In fact after leaving Skills and going to film school, Hans has collaborated with Dave on two films.

Hans’ new film is called Figurine  and is being shown at the Edmonton International Film Festival on Tuesday, October 6th. Go check it out and congratulate Dave and Hans. For more details on where and when the film is being shown visit
Figurine is a quiet drama about Karin, a woman who works at a truck wash and ushers part-time at the hockey arena. Her solitary routine is broken when she meets James, a truck driver seeking work in the city. David Bilodeau acts in the film in the role of Karin’s brother. Figurine is the first full length feature film of Hans Olson.
Figurine 2