Recap: Skills Society 2015 Annual General Meeting

“Skills Society has embarked on many activities that represent this year’s theme ‘Making It Happen’ ”

—Pat Conrad, Executive Director of Skills Society

The Skills Society 2015 Annual General Meeting (AGM) marked the completion of a highly innovative and successful fiscal year. During the AGM, a collective of dedicated and supportive individuals came together to acknowledge the organization’s outstanding accomplishments. Skills employees, Board Members, and passionate YEG Citizens bonded over a common goal: to support the citizenship of people with disabilities. Everyday, Skills comes closer to actualizing this goal and through a series of progressive initiatives we are truly “Making It Happen.” 

Skills exhibited tremendous forward momentum after modernizing and rebranding it’s image and the organization continues it’s efforts towards social innovation. The website has a fresh design and the Citizen Action Lab is attracting a great deal of attention. Further, Skills is in collaboration to develop new groundbreaking technology to help improve the quality of life of people receiving support through human services organizations — it’s no wonder Project Citizenship won the best in Digital Philanthropy Innovation Award in the 2014 Digital Alberta Awards.

Creative collaborations are a keystone to successful community engagement. Throughout the year, Skills has allocated resources to several important projects to promote community involvement and engage all YEG Citizens. The Stanley Milner Public Library Event created a forum for thought provoking discussion regarding inclusive citizenship. In addition, the Little Italy Community Garden has brought together citizens with disabilities, McCauley residents, and community leaders to work as a strong collective on a rewarding revitalization project.

Skills Society maintains a progressive outlook for the future and will continue to make strides towards social innovation in order to enhance the lives of citizens with disabilities. This article briefly discusses some of the projects and steps that have been made towards accomplishing this goal; however, for more information please review the AGM Report.

Skills Society Annual Report 2015