MyCompass and Ben Weinlick featured in McConnell Foundations 12 lessons on social innovation

The J.W. McConnell Foundation have been our friends and allies at Skills Society in a variety of ways over the years. From McConnell being early supporters of University of Alberta Community Service-Learning Programs we were engaged in with Project Citizenship, to sharing the work of our Action Lab through SIG (Social Innovation Generation).

The McConnell Foundation is one of the early foundations in Canada that saw the value of Social Innovation and stewarded work to spread practices and outcomes.

Skills Society and our Senior Manager of Community Supports, Research and Social Innovation Ben Weinlick, have had a long relationship with McConnell and been sharing practices and collaborating to boost social innovation at Skills Society, and at municipal, provincial and national levels.

Every year McConnell shares lessons learned from their network on Social Innovation and Systems Change. This year one of the 12 lessons was from Ben around the early origins of our social innovation MyCompass Planning. The key idea being that designing interactions and behaviours for supporting the rights and quality of life of people with disabilities can be a powerful change agent that augments values based rights approaches.

Check out the 12 lessons in the link below

12 Lessons Learned

More about our award winning social innovation MyCompass PLanning with a great video of some folks we serve and stellar leaders of Skills

About MyCompass Planning