Message from the Skills Society Health & Safety Committee

To: All Skills Society Employees

From: Skills Society Health & Safety Committee

December 2, 2020

The Skills Society Health & Safety Committee is a committee that is made up of front-line employees and management. The committee meets every two months to address any Health & Safety concerns. At our last meeting, a concern was brought forward to remind and ensure that no employees are arriving to work with any symptoms – even mild of COVID-19. Management has made it clear in multiple memos and procedures that no employee is to come to work with any symptoms of COVID-19. All employees must fill out the Health Assessment Checklist before starting their shifts. If you are sick or are having any of the symptoms on the list, and answering ‘no’ on the form, this could cause your co-workers and the people you support to become ill or to be confirmed positive with COVID-19. As outlined in the Staff Self Isolation procedure, if any employee is showing any symptoms they must not come to work.

The Health & Safety Committee knows this may cause a financial burden during this time of COVID-19, but we must be extremely careful both for the people we support and our coworkers. Management has sent memos with links to the Federal Recovery Benefit. We also remind you that it is not an option to come to work with any symptoms of COVID-19. You can use your accumulated sick days, and if you have no sick days, then you can access the Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit (CRSB).

CRSB is income support to employed individuals who are unable to work because they are sick or need to self-isolate due to COVID-19. If you are eligible for the CRSB, you can receive up to $500 a week ($450 after taxes withheld) and the money can get deposited directly into your bank account.

You can apply through your CRA Account Online


By Phone: 1-800-959-2019 or 1-800-959-2041

Thank you from the Skills Society Health & Safety Committee