Message from the Health & Safety Committee to all Skills Employees

To: All Skills Society Employees

From: Health & Safety Committee

CC:  Senior Leadership

Date:  July 12, 2021

The Skills Society Health and Safety Committee would like to take this opportunity to again thank all employees, and management teams for all the hard work, the ability to adapt and change, read through a LOT of paperwork and still maintain the high level of support that we are known for. As one manager put it, when people read about Covid-19 in the history books, we all can look back and be proud that we made it through together as one great team. Although Covid-19 is still here, through the vaccinations, we are starting to see what seems to be a stage where life can start to get back to some state of normal. Your Health & Safety Committee would like to give just a few reminders as we move forward.

Continue to stay up-to date with all the changes within Skills Society. It is all our responsibility to read and understand any changes, ask your Team Leader, Manager or Ed Woodward if you have any questions.

Even now, if you are showing ANY signs of Covid-19, stay at home, get tested and follow all directions given.

Mental Health

We have taken great measures in the last 16 months of the Pandemic to keep ourselves Physically safe at work and at home. Now we need to do what we can to keep our Mental Health just as safe. There are many stressors still at the workplace that can affect our mental health. Fear of Covid-19 variants, adapting to new procedures, changes in physical health, and re-establishing relationships with coworkers. Here are some tips from the Government of Alberta, OH&S and AHS:

  • Take care of your body. Take deep breaths, stretch, or meditate. Try to eat healthy, well balanced meals, exercise regularly, and get plenty of sleep.
  • Stay connected. Talk to friends or family about your feelings and concerns.
  • Maintain healthy relationships and respect other people’s feelings and decisions.
  • Show support, compassion, and empathy.
  • Identify what is within your control and try to direct your energy towards what most worries you within your own control.
  • Know your limits.
  • Listen and Seek to understand, clarify and ask respectful questions.
  • Appreciate that your experience may differ from that of others.
  • Be consistent.
  • Acknowledge signs of conflict.
  • Support mental health.
  • Avoiding the use of alcohol or drugs to deal with stress, isolation or boredom.

Some Warning Signs to be aware of for yourself and others:

  • Withdrawal from relationships or activities.
  • Inability to function in usual roles.
  • Change in personality.
  • Anger, hostility, or violent behaviour.
  • Substance misuse.
  • Feelings of hopelessness.
  • Symptoms persist or are getting worse.
  • Thoughts of suicide or self harm.



COVID 19 and Mental Health Help in Tough Times:

Text4Hope: Text COVID19HOPE to 393939 to subscribe

Kids Help Phone: 1 800 668 6868 or text CONNECT to 686868

Addiction Helpline: 1 866 332 2322

Family Violence: 310-1818

Alberta Mental Health Helpline: 1 877 303 2642

Crisis Text Line: Text CONNECT to 741741


Please take care and looking forward to meeting and seeing everyone in person again!

Thank you from the Skills Society Health & Safety Committee