Key Milestones Timeline in Disability Rights and Service

Learning from our Roots

For our 2019 AGM to learn from and remember our history, we created a timeline of key learning milestones from Skills Society and the Disability community in Alberta over the last 50 years. We recognize this is a high level overview. There are so many moments and learnings that have happened and we are so grateful to all the leaders and changemakers who have made their mark and worked to support the rights and citizenship of people with disabilities over the years.

For missing pieces in our timeline, we made an interactive version for our AGM and had facilitators to help people we serve, community members and employees to add milestones they wanted to our timeline. These additions are being printed and posted on the timeline at the Skills office. Come by some time and take a look.

“Citizenship is, in short, one of the profound categories that makes us who we are, one of the crucial ways humans go about creating a life for themselves”
Mark Kingwell