Academic Paper Published About Project Citizenship

We’re happy to share a recently published academic paper by our research partners from the University of Alberta on Project Citizenship. Many thanks to our collaborators and University researchers – Nancy Spencer-Cavaliere, PhD. , Bethan Kingsley, and Carmen Norris.

PDF of the paper in the link below

Reimagining the Role of Human Services Workers Staff Experiences of a Social Change Initiative 2017

About Project Citizenship

People with disabilities are frequently discriminated against and undervalued as full participating citizens.  Often treated as second class citizens, people with disabilities are not given the same rights and opportunities as others.

Story sharing has the power to inspire, shift attitudes, build empathy and move people to action. Project Citizenship uses a unique approach to bring people with disabilities, University of Alberta students and staff from Skills Society together to explore the notion of citizenship and ways to remove barriers that limit citizenship and full participation for individuals with disabilities.

Through story-telling, individuals with disabilities are empowered to gain control by shifting the power balance from the caregiver to the individual, resulting in individuals making decisions that best meet their personal needs.

What started as an innovative two-year partnership project with the University of Alberta Community Service-Learning has become an internationally recognized, enduring social change initiative for Skills Society and our community.

Remember to check out and share through social media some of the 60+ stories that emerged over 5 years from Project Citizenship.

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