Citizens with disabilities, McCauley residents and emerging leaders helping to build the first stage of the Little Italy Community Garden in 2014

Citizenship is at the heart of what we do

Donate to Skills Society and make a difference

When you choose to support Skills Society, you join us in transforming the lives of people with disabilities.

You say ‘yes’ to tackling isolation and marginalization. You commit to a new model of support – moving from ‘providers of a service’ to partners in the lives of people with disabilities. And you change how we all view people with disabilities – not as a burden to society, but as contributors to a rich and diverse community.

There are many ways you can support our work – and we appreciate any contribution you can make.

Ways to Give

Cash Gifts

Skills Society accepts gifts in the form of cash or cheque forwarded directly to the Skills Society offices. Please make gifts payable to: Skills Society Edmonton.

Gifts can also be made online through, a secure and affordable online gifting option. Charitable tax receipts are provided by and they forward the gift, less a small fee, to Skills Society.

Donors can also designate their annual United Way gift to the Skills Society Edmonton.

skills, locating resources, building support networks, and connecting and contributing to the community.

These flexible supports are available to people who are over the age of 18 and living independently.

Monthly Giving

Donors who wish to spread their gift out over the year may do so by signing up for Skills Society’s monthly giving program. This can be done through the link.

A gift of $25 per month will add up to $300 over the year. The donor will receive a charitable tax receipt at the end of the tax year and, if used appropriately on their income tax return, they could receive up to 50% of that gift back as a tax refund (for gifts in the year totaling over $250/year and depending on their province of residence).

Matching Gifts

Many people are employed by, retired from, or directors of companies that match charitable contributions. Donors are encouraged to submit a company-matching gift form with their gift.

Gifts in Kind

Gifts in kind may take many forms and need to be discussed with Skills Society prior to being gifted. Gifts in kind may include gifts of shares or other assets, products, or items of value.

Gifts valued at less than $1,000 require an appraisal from a qualified employee of Skills. Gifts valued at $1,000 or more require an appraisal from an external appraiser approved by Skills who is qualified to determine the item’s fair market value. The cost, if any, of this appraisal is to be borne by the donor.


Bequests are one of the simplest ways to make a larger gift to Skills Society than one might be able to make during one’s lifetime.

As they near retirement, many individuals discover they have assets in excess of what their families and loved ones now require. Individuals can make a gift to Skills Society in their will and feel confident that their support will continue even after they are gone.

Sample bequest language is available to individuals and lawyers. Please contact us for more information.from an external appraiser approved by Skills who is qualified to determine the item’s fair market value. The cost, if any, of this appraisal is to be borne by the donor.

Life Insurance

There are various methods by which a life insurance policy may be contributed to Skills.

A donor may assign to Skills Society ownership of a paid-up policy that names Skills Society as beneficiary: A charitable tax receipt is issued for the current cash surrender value of the policy at the time the gift is made.

A donor may assign to Skills Society ownership of a life insurance policy that names Skills Society as beneficiary on which premiums remain to be paid: A charitable tax receipt is issued for the cash surrender value of the policy and an annual receipt for the premiums for as long as the donor continues to pay them.

A donor may name Skills Society as a primary or successor beneficiary of the proceeds: A charitable tax receipt is issued for the value of the death benefit received and may be used to offset other taxes in the year of death.

Gifts of Publicly Traded Securities & Mutual Funds

Special tax savings are available for donors who make gifts of publicly traded securities and units/shares in mutual funds that have appreciated in value. In order to receive these special tax savings, donors must donate the actual securities or shares (not sell them and donate the cash value).

Gifts “in-kind” of publicly traded securities:

  • Donors are not required to pay tax on the capital gain that results from the gift
  • Donors receive a donation receipt for the fair market value of the securities on the day Skills Society receives them

This gift may cost less than one might think.

Other Ways to Make Gifts

There are many other gifts that Skills Society may accept to support its vision and mission, including charitable remainder trusts and reinsured charitable annuities.

Significant gifts to charity should be made with the best interests of the donor and the donor’s family in mind, including financial and estate plans. Donors are encouraged to begin these discussions with their professional advisor and to continue those discussions with Skills Society to ensure their wishes will be realized once the gift is made.

Request for Information

If you would like to know more about Skills Society and how your donations are used, fill out the form below and we will send you our donation information package.


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